• PEACOCK PLEASURE- Mandala Print
  • PEACOCK PLEASURE- Mandala Print



Another colourfully detailed drawing using a combination of green and blue watercolours to add to the bird series..

Each drawing is printed on CA Grain Cartridge paper and signed by the artist, Annabelle Thomas. 

Born and raised in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Australia, Annabelle, the creator and designer of Wilderness Road Art, was bought up surrounded by a constant flow of creative and artistic inspiration. 

Using Ink pen on paper, and occasionally experimenting with water colours, Annabelle draws these patterns and detailed forms from scratch. With no pre-planning or pencil sketching, these drawings are improvisation at its most pure form. This authenticity and originality demonstrates a higher level of artistic skill, which allows each piece to be individual and one-of-a-kind.

The essence of love is when you put your heart into what you love.
You are engaged in your life and in touch with the nature of yourself and your surroundings...
— Annabelle Thomas

 Size A5