The Brand


Design Philosophy is a lifestyle brand that embodies the personal style and sensibility of its creator, Veronique.

The brand is dedicated to the art of living well— about filling each day with simple pleasures through unique handmade products from beautiful fabrics and leathers, in varying textures, shapes, neutral and vibrant colours. It’s city living meets nature, coolness meets elegance and simplicity meets sensuality.

Design Philosophy aspires to the uninhibited and the assumed, the traveller and the homebody, the local and the foreigner. This brand is effortlessly a chameleon, adaptable to each personality a woman might possess. It’s calls to the real need to feel a connection with the garments she wears and abandoning herself to the essence of creative play, which is intrinsic to impassioned living as eating well and laughing out loud.

Born out of resort styles, the brand evolves into lifestyle collections of year-round clothing through key pieces. It is an idea brought to life through clean lines, simple shapes and fabrics that strive to balance the timeless with the modern and function with beauty. The collection is created through pieces that work together, guided by key design principles: SimplicityBeauty, Comfort, Functionality, Versatility.