The Creative Force


" Clothing and accessories are extensions of ones own personality. What you wear and how you wear it reflects your state of being at the time"

I started Design Philosophy, for a very personal reason: I needed to continue expressing my creativity in the one area that has always come naturally to me, fashion.
I left my island home of Mauritius for Australia back in 1985. Growing up on a small island, rich in cultural diversity that thrives on religious, culinary and artisitic activities, meant that creativity was part of daily life. Having a mother who took delight in dressing me up in her own little creations, also meant that my journey to this destination, was somehow pre-destined.
From the tender age of 5, my fascination with shoes was boundless. Discarded as a "hobby" rather than a passion, I chose a medical science degree instead of fashion school.....but my love affair for beautiful clothes and shoes, refused to stay far behind. A part time job during my degree took me on a 16yr journey in the footwear industry.
Throughout my career, one thing stood out….having a balanced lifestyle was crucial. I took a break in 2010, travelled for 4 years, and when I came back I decided to put together the two most important ingredients that made it all worthwhile....passion and flexibility, which meant working full time for someone else was no longer a viable option. 
After briefly rejoining the workforce in a fashion office, I realised that fashion ran through my veins and there was no escaping. 10 months later, Design Philosophy was born. I set off to Bali with some of my ideas, and a yer later started my journey through Paddington markets and now at my first store in Coogee.

" I want Design Philosophy to be known for clothes and accessories that you don't have to think about too much, makes you move differently and can wear with comfort, ease and elegance. For me it’s about creating looks that are effortless through simplicity, colours, good materials, shapes and proportions that work together. It's about the ability to bring out pieces that regardless of trends, remain timeless, embodies your personal style, but mostly make you feel like you’re always fresh off a tropical holiday"